Created to Last Forever

One's life span, in ones earthly body, is but a nano second compared to the time one will live or exist in eternity. Whether one LIVES or EXIST, depends upon which place one is during eternity. Where one IS during eternity depends upon the choice one makes about who Jesus is, while one is in one's earthly body.

God, the creator and ruler of all things in heaven and on earth, allows each of us to freely make that choice. If one chooses to accept Jesus as one's master, and agrees that God raised him from the dead, after giving his life as payment for the sins of all, one will live in sheer bliss where God is during eternity.

If one chooses to reject Jesus, and his death and resurrection as payment for one's sins, one must exist, separated from the presence, love, peace, joy and comfort of God during eternity, in a place where one must pay one's own price for one's sins - would that not be sheer hell?

Sandy Curry;
the way i see it, for what it's worth.