A New Minister

A new minister had recently been married. Upon returning home from their honeymoon, the young wife turned to her husband with a box in her hand. She said to her husband,"Please promise dear that no matter what, you will never look in this box." Although this seems like a very strange request, the minister assured his wife that he would never look in the box. Twenty years went by and the seasoned minister was looking around his closet. He came across the box which, to him, had been long forgotten. He looked at the box and said to himself,"surely after all these years, it must be okay to peek inside." He opened the box and inside found $1,200 and three eggs. Just then, his wife entered the room. "I thought I asked you never to look inside?" she demands. Looking just a bit sheepish the minister apologized to his wife but then said that since he had peeked inside, would she mind explaining the contents. "Well," replied his wife. "If you must know, every time you preached a bad sermon, I put an egg in the box." The minister ponders this for a moment and rationalizes that he's been preaching for twenty years so three eggs was basically batting 1000! "That explains the eggs," he replied,"but what about the $1,200?" His wife replied,"Every time I got a dozen, I sold them."