Rafting Down the Nantahala River

We had a great time rafting on the Nantahala River this year. This photo was taken on our second trip. Medea and Aaron, Aaron's parent's, Ron and Pallie Satcher, Melanie and I spent an enjoyable day on the Nanatahala River. This photo was taken toward the end of the journey as we navigated Nantahala Falls. The trip was very exciting; however, there were times on the river to enjoy the scenery and fellowship as well.

This was our first trip down the river this summer. We had a very good time with our Pastor, Tommy, his wife, Virginia and my sister and her husband Don. As you can see, my sister, Jackie is almost out of the raft. Don couldn't decide whether to hold onto his paddle and let her fall out or catch her and let the paddle go. He chose to let the paddle go, and we had to work hard to catch up to it before we reached our stopping point. Melanie and I are just hanging on. We had a ball. I know Jackie did.