Our Roots
How we came to be in Rome, GA Our roots are Kentucky:

My grandfather's father came from Kentucky before the turn of the twentieth century. His wife had passed away, leaving him with five children. He was on his way to Panama City, FL when he experienced some bad luck on the train. Thanks to several folks around Rome, he was able to settle here.

Full story to follow:

In the later 1880's, a gentleman named William Alex Curry, (my grandfather's father), had lost his wife, and after selling all he owned was traveling from Kentucky to Florida through Georgia. He was to take a job and settle with his five children in Florida.

While traveling on the train, Alex Curry fell asleep and was robbed. His train ticket was stolen, as well as all of his money. He and his five children were destitute. The family got off the train in Rome and could go no farther.

The train-station manager introduced the travelers to two gracious Southern ladies- of the O'Neill and Patton families - who gave them food and shelter. They also gave Curry a job at the O'Neill Lumber Mill.

Alex Curry was so impressed with the kindness of the people in Rome, that he stayed on here and reared his family.

Carl Curry, my grandfather, pictured with my grandmother, Christine Harris Curry, was born after his father, Alex Curry settled down in Rome. Alex later married Fedora and had five other children of which my grandfather was the youngest.